5 tips to get the most out of your weekends

“Let’s go for an outing this weekend, discover a new place create a bunch full of memories”. Often had this conversation over a phone call or with colleagues at work on Friday? These words will sound relatable when weekends bring no excitement as all the activities like going to the movies, getting along with friends followed by lunch/dinner all seem to be too mundane. So, it is time to get off your social media and do things to make your weekends interesting.

5 ways to make your weekends productive:

Follow Regular routine

Take up the habit of working on your goals. Divide your weekend schedule in such a way that you get ample time for yourself as well. Once you’re home from a stressful day, you need some personal space. Sit in a dark room, close your eyes and recollect each and every incident of your day right from the moment you woke up till you reached home. Analyse, Think. How could you have acted upon situations differently than others?  (Make efforts to look at things from a different perspective.) You will have tough time recollecting initially but with time, you will realize that you can efficiently bring out the positive side of you and help you to strive more towards excellence.– Work on it!

Happy hour stuff

Enroll yourself for an Unusual Activity: Utilise your spare time for intuitive yet creative pursuits (like art, music, meditation or exercise) – We always talk about doing numerous times but never actually acted on it (thought will start working on it but somehow kept postponing it due to hustle bustle of daily life. We often dwell ourselves into unplanned tasks that occupy our free time (Social media will grab our maximum time), left with famous remark “lack of time”.

Savor Liveliness on Weekends

When most of us think of relaxing (sleeping to be precise), watching Tv shows or series, practice awaking early followed by meditation- (Try it for 10 minutes). Exercise until you sweat. (“Solitude is the ultimate source of purification”) Solitude should be given equal importance as compared to other productive tasks. Prepare a to-do list for yourself, for self-improvement which takes you one step ahead from old ‘’you” to new ‘’me”. Every day is a new day, take up the challenge, strive hard to achieve it.

Pick up a good novel and spend time amidst books

Start exploring your area of interest in reading good novels in quality time. Quality reading will boost your mood, expands imagination power. Diversity in reading will make a room for you consisting of Articles, short stories, Posts on Quora (sole addiction to the social world) Sharing my personal experience: Reading a physical novel has more impact compared to the internet of things.  Increases concentration, cannot be replaced by any device (mobile or laptop or kindle). Aura of new book connects with mind(just like a smell of soil after first rain) Good book can reflect its virtues if you implement in your daily life, Changes your perception leaving a picture on your mind. Pick up a novel that drives you to a different world.

Recapture good old days of tender age

Brush up those childhood carefree days-playing outdoor games(hide and seek, freeze and chocolate)cycling and what not..!! Those golden days with no worries, enjoying every day, those happy faces all day long, teasing friends, competitive spirit to win a game…Everyone has some or other memory connected with childhood friends. A feeling of Nostalgic cant be expressed in words-It is an emotion. (E.g. I went to the garden one fine evening, due to vacation time it was flooded with people especially kids. Just sit down in one corner and start Observing your surrounding – Elderly people sharing their life stories assembled in a group, kids running all over the play area, adults brisk walking and in midst of all – you quietly enjoy nature.)

Connect with nature

Spare some time and visit a garden. Try this for a couple of weeks, feel solitude. I have started doing so and realized it gives immense pleasure to enjoy the self-time. (Avoid mobile to avoid fuss)A peaceful smile on face gave a sudden thought that we are obsessed with the digital world so reluctantly, we miss a little bundle of happiness. every time it teaches a vivid experience. ( sharing treasure of memories by recollecting it from varied places fixed in mind in indeed immortal)

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